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Financial Planning Services

Total Wellness

One-year plan: $6,000

1-Year of Financial Coaching, Planning & Accountability

The Total Wellness package is designed for those of you ready to embark on a serious financial adventure! The total cost is $6,000. $400 is due after your onboarding meeting, and the remainder is due in 4 equal quarterly installments of $1,400.

There is a significant investment of time on your part, especially during the first 3 months when you will need to gather your financial documents and set aside time for weekly sessions. For one year we will clarify and refine your goals and values, incrementally develop a financial plan, explore and improve your money mindset, and keep you accountable to implementing your plan. The clients who are successful here are engaged early and often and follow-through on their action items.

Follow-on year planning and coaching services are available upon completion of Total Wellness (hourly, monthly or quarterly).

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Time to Plan


Maybe you're not quite ready for the commitment involved in the Total Wellness package. However, you're probably interested in getting clear on how to achieve your goals and learning more about where you are and next steps needed to reach those dreams.


You'll be responsible for providing me with your financial information so that I can provide you with a complete financial plan. We will meet approximately 3 times: once to clarify your goals, once to review your data, and 1-3 times to review the finalized plan. Clients who are successful here are engaged and willing to share basic financial information. If, after engaging in this one-time plan, you decide you'd benefit from the extra accountability and deep dive into cash flow planning and mindset, you can add on Time to Build.

This limited engagement one-time plan is for you! $400 is due after the first session, and the balance of $2,200 is due upon plan delivery. This engagement is for no more than 3 months.

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Time to Build


Time to Build is for exisitng clients who have completed their one-time financial plan in Time to Plan. After completing this step, those that engage in Time to Build have decided they like the added accountability and guidance of coaching and ongoing planning.  This service provides space and time to dive deeper into cash flow and money mindsets. Time to Plan + Time to Build = the same service as the Total Wellness Package.

Clients who are successful here have benefitted from the one-time plan and are willing and eager to jump into deeper planning and coaching!

The total cost of $3,400 will be divided into three quarterly payments of $1,133.33 and will last for a period of approximately 9 months.

Let's work together. 

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